Step No1

Make Your Selection

Create a food profile so we can get to know your family's allergies and taste preferences.

Step No2

Receive Weekend Delivery

It’s Saturday! Expect to see your lunch kit on your doorstep.

Step No3

Ready, Set, Assemble!

With the ingredients included and some refrigerator staples, it’s a cinch to prepare lunch for the week.

Wholesome & Healthy

Healthy food, without the hassle. We all know it’s important to eat healthy, but it’s not always the most convenient or affordable choice. Now, it can be!

Food That’s Fun

Kids like to play with their food, but they should want to eat it, too. At Scrumpt, we provide food that's exciting to growing minds and palates.

Save Time & Money

You’ve got plenty on your list of to-do’s. We do all the planning, prepping, shopping, portioning, and delivering, so you don’t have to.

Lunch Kit


With the addition of some pantry staples, lunches will be a cinch.

*You can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime

Travel Survival Kit


Includes tissues, coloring books, card games and snacks.

Pediatrician (and Mom) Approved

Every Scrumpt Box contains only those products that have been approved by our panel of pediatricians, nutritionists, and health-conscious moms.

Thoughtfully Sourced

All Scrumpt products are sourced from trusted food makers, ensuring only the highest quality ingredients make it to mealtime.

Allergy Friendly

Food allergies and sensitivities can be an important factor in your child’s diet. All kits are peanut-free, with gluten and lactose-free options available.

Schery Mitchell-James

Hi there! Welcome to Scrumpt.

My name is Schery Mitchell-James, I’ve been a pediatrician for 30-years and understand first-hand that getting children to really get to know good food is no easy feat. Satisfying the picky eaters in my own home was a constant struggle, and I hate to admit it, but as a time-starved parent too exhausted to put up a fight, balanced offerings often took a back seat. As an exhausted mom, I dreaded the menu planning, the grocery shopping and the waking up at the crack of dawn to make a pb&j that often went uneaten. Scrumpt eliminates all of that.

With Scrumpt, our mission is to create a smart, super convenient and delicious food options, all while educating parents and kids on how to inject life, diversity and a little fun into food. The life of a parent is full of activity and we hope Scrumpt brings a little relief to your home.

From our kitchen to yours,
Schery Mitchell-James, MD (Retired Pediatrician)