Our Story

For my co-founder/mom and I, the launch of Scrumpt has been a long time coming. We'd talked about starting a business together since I was in high school and it's been incredibly exhilarating watching Scrumpt expand from a corner of my San Francisco apartment to the community beyond.


Mom and I had often discussed ways to get the kids in her pediatrics practice to eat better and understand food, but knew first-hand it was no easy feat. Even with two health-minded doctor parents, lunch making in our household was often a struggle. Satisfying a picky eater was hard enough, and for time-starved parents too exhausted to put up a fight, balanced offerings often took a back seat. 


Our mission is to create a smart, super convenient and delicious lunch option, all while educating parents and kids on how to inject life, freshness and a little fun into lunch. Food conversations are riddled with misinformation, and with parents finding the most convenient options often the least healthy, their lunchtime battle is uphill. We want to connect families with real food, full of fresh produce and tasty goodies, all made from things that you can easily pronounce.


The life of a parent is full of activity and we hope Scrumpt brings easy-to-eat, nutritionally balanced relief to busy households. Kids should have agency over their lunch and parents should feel good about what their kids are eating; we are grateful for all of the passionate and brilliant folks we've met in the process: from farmers to food makers to really rad moms, all working to make that a reality.


Because we believe every kid deserves access to the food that will help them grow and thrive, we’ve teamed up with food-focused non-profits to provide meals for some of America’s 16 million hungry children.When you feed your family, you help another in need. 



From our kitchen to yours,

Bri James, CEO